Jonathan Richman
video still 4 min 51 sec.

There is a rock musician named Jonathan Richman. He moved away from microphone and put a guitar and mimicked the dinosaur in his song of "I'm a little dinosaur". I traced his act.
When I can't sleep at night, I play soccer in the mind. It's ingrained in my body since I was young, it's the most relaxing perhaps. As Jonathan moved away from microphone, I went out with a soccer ball to move away from my work.
Like a sampling of rap music, it's trying to update the history of the culture using a part of what is revered in this work.
I have felt the connection of history for the first time, it was music. Jonathan Richman (70'~) respects The Velvet Underground (65'~73'), and he made a song of the same named "The Velvet Underground"(released in 92').
I think always capture the streets elements of the smallest unit, I want to take like a Street movie. Clothes of the border that was brought from my room in order to trace Jonathan, a boy wearing a colorful protector, iPhone4, kind of a drink sold there, mountain and parks in my neighborhood.
None are characteristic of so much but it's my street. I'm living here.